Church and Wellesley

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Project Description

Church and Wellesley is the neighbourhood hood east of Yonge, west of Jarvis, north of Carlton, and south of Maitland. This community, rich with history, is currently home to the to the LGBT community and was once the estate of Alexander Wood, a merchant and magistrate and the forefather of Toronto’s gay community. In the early 1800s his property was known as Molly Wood’s Bush, “molly” being a slang term for homosexual. His memory is honoured by statue erected at the corner of Church and Alexander.

The stretch of Church Street is lively and dynamic, filled with bars and restaurants. The area is headquarters to the annual Pride Week celebrations as well as the 519 Church Street community centre, great support for young LGBT community and with programmes for everyone.

This neighbourhood is filled with historical homes, mostly Victorian rowhouses from the late 19th century mixed with high-rise condominiums. The neighbourhood is full of small parks, as well as Allan Gardens, and arguably the grandest grocery store in the city, the converted Maple Gardens Loblaws. Walk downtown or take the TTC, subway or bus, the area is great for cyclists, close to downtown core.

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