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Staging and Concierge Services

There was a time, not so long ago, when putting your home on the market was a simple process. It was enough just to clean the house, put all the clutter in the closets, make sure the beds were made, and you were ready for showing. The best open house trick your agent had was simmering cinnamon sticks on the stove to make the house smell welcoming, like fresh baked apple pie.

Then one fateful day, as legend has it, a simple house went up for sale, and what happened would change the market forever. This home was perfection. The exterior was painted an attractive heritage earth-toned scheme, a cozy porch with brand new wicker furniture invited you to sit down with lemonade and a newspaper. The front door opened smoothly without having to jiggle the handle, and inside were shiny wood floors, smooth walls in a pleasing shade like a crisp paper bag that set off the perfectly hung artwork. Sleek leather furniture was artfully arranged with a punch of primary colour in the throw pillows. Candles, framed photographs, and dried floral topiaries were grouped together in a formulaic fashion of odd numbers on dust-free occasional tables and a gold- gilded mirror hung over the fireplace so you can see yourself in this beautiful home, as though you lived there. Each room flowed easily into the next, all tied together by the pristine decor wizardry. The interior even smelled like a fresh magazine, filled with hopes, dreams, and desires. Let there be bidding wars! And so it came to be, this simple, perfect house became the industry standard of home staging. Before this, no one even knew what a topiary was and now they’ve popped up in corner stores and gas stations. And the rest is history.

We offer a complimentary home staging consultation. We want to help you get the best possible price for your home. Our stager will take the time to go through your entire house, top to bottom, inside and out, and make an itemized to-do list of updates to prepare for the market. We know what buyers are looking for and sometimes it’s the overlooked details as much as the bigger changes that make all the difference. We can create magic and have your home showroom ready in record time.

We offer concierge services. The to-do list of getting your home showroom ready may seem like a daunting task, but our team can get ‘er done with the streamlined efficiency of a well-oiled machine, and you don’t have to lift a finger. We will take care of your property from outdoor yard work, repairs, painting, de-cluttering, moving and storage.We want this process to be as seamless and stress-free as possible. Delivering the best client care is our main objective and our team of experts are committed to working for you for the best possible outcome. Our brass ring is your complete satisfaction and we will make sure this happens.

Are you eligible for our concierge services?  Inquire here to find out how.

10 Tips on How to Flip a House

Cable television has turned us into domestic experts, right? There are entire networks and a plethora of programs dedicated to cooking and home renovations. Not too long ago the extent of your culinary expertise was that your Kraft Dinner was not too runny that you could eat it with a fork, not slurp it up with a spoon. Now you are whipping up your own bechamel sauce and sourcing out the finest smoked gruyere and semolina pasta from specialty shops and creating mac ‘n’ cheese 2.0. You know have mastered being a home chef because you routinely brine things and you have at least 6 different kinds of salt at your disposal.

Now you need a new challenge and cable tv has the plan. Why not try house flippinglike on HGTV? You can flip an omelette without it falling apart, can a tired old house come out as fluffy? It looks reasonably easy on the shows, and you’re used to using a pestle when grinding spices which shows your willingness to get your hands dirty and work hard. You can do this. You’re a contractor, Harry. If you have the commitment, we have the experience so we can help all along the way.

Here are 10 important tips to consider:

1. Find the right house to flip. Do you want a full out gut reno or do you want to focus on mostly the cosmetic? Whether you are house hunting for a project or you inherited your grandmother’s angel brick bungalow, we can advise you with your first step.

2. What are your skills and how much labour will you put in yourself? Or will you hire tradespeople? These means getting estimates and planning a realistic budget.

3. Get a thorough home inspection. A good inspector will be able to advise you on the condition of the house and what repairs are a priority.

4. How much can you make, which means how much can you sell it for? As realtors, we can give you the best estimation for what a home is worth in the market.

5. Use your money wisely. Kitchens and bathrooms give you most bang for your buck. New appliances, great finishes, and modern design are worth spending money on.Also if your budget allows, think of extras like adding a main floor powder room,finishing the basement, and lots of closet spaces.

6. Timing your selling date is very important. A general rule of thumb, is a spring market starting as early as January, is best for selling, which means having any exterior work done before the cold weather hits so you can sell in a timely manner and get the highest price point.

7. The great architect Mies van der Rohe said; “God is in the details” which is very poetic but we can also add to that and tell you that the nosy neighbours are also lurking in the details and they are taking notes. They are watching like hawks and know when you neglected to obtain a city permit so make sure all your renos are on the up and up which means getting things done properly.

8. Hire the right professionals depending on your renovations. Be aware that the more dramatic your renos and the more walls that get torn down, may mean the unanticipated problems that arise, just like in “Love It or List It,” something you should have a contingency plan for.

9. Remember the buyers are watching the same shows that you are. Buyers are savvy these days and they know when you just slapped on some “lipstick on a pig” and forgot to put on the foundation and lip liner. Make sure you have put in quality work.

10. Keep in contact with you realtors during the entire process. We can advise every step of the way, help if problems arise, and make sure you are on right path to aflipping success!