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About Us

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We Are The Real Estate Brothers

From beginning to the end…and beyond. We want your real estate buying and selling experience to be as seamless, stress-free, and pampered as possible. We have curated an awesome team that is an extension of our family, each with their own expertise to guide you through the buying and selling process. But don’t worry, we are not the agents who you hire and then see only once, disappearing into your broom closet like Narnia and onto a golf course where there is no cell service, all the while letting other agents take over. We are always present every step of the way. We think of our clients as part of our family, and are committed to provide the best client care possible.

We offer top-notch service. Real estate is a service industry, and we haven’t forgotten that. We do the heavy lifting. And the light lifting and the dusting and fluffing and everything else that needs to be done. This is where our team spirit shines. We provide a professional staging service for a full evaluation of your home. Great staging is an art with a lot of behind the scenes grunt work. From painting, de-cluttering, cleaning, the very idea may make you want to call the whole thing off. Don’t panic, this is where the magic happens. Our concierge service will facilitate the entire process, all you have to do is snap your fingers and say when. Just put your feet up and we’ll get the vacuuming done, we’ll even bring you a cold one.

We got the details covered. Once your home is staged and too perfect for words, it’s show time. Real estate marketing is constantly changing and we keep on top of the trends. We provide full service e-marketing through the social media channels. We use the most advanced high-resolution 3-D photography with every listing. We even have more tricks up our sleeves, they never stop coming.

Our marketing is what sets us apart. There’s much more to it than simply putting a sign on your lawn. Yes, we believe in the great and powerful wizardry of the internet, but there is something even more tangible behind the cyber curtain. We built our business fundamentally in real life, visiting all the neighbourhoods, taking the time to go door-to¬door, having the pleasure of meeting you in person, and talking face-to-face. After all these years, we still believe in the virtue of local engagement so when we list your home, our team will walk through your hood and personally invite the neighbours to your open house. Trust us, we’re good at this, we have the gift of gab, and we have found nothing creates a buzz more viral than your neighbours spreading the word while they’re out watering their lawns and walking their dogs. They love gossiping about real estate and we love giving them something exciting to talk about.

We love our first-time buyers. One of the most exciting purchases you will ever make is your first home and we want to experience that with you. The thrill of helping you find your perfect piece of the real estate pie never gets old for us but we want to make sure it fits your needs and budget and that every potential pitfall is safely checked off. We have your back from the beginning of your search until the day you get your keys to your new home. And we’ll come visit, we can’t wait to see what you’ve done to the place.